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Men Department

This department consists of all men in the church. They help in assisting the church financially. They are the head and assume various responsibilities in the church. This department hosts an annual Men’s conference and organizes other functions to encourage brethren to participate in the works of the ministry.

Women Department

The women’s department is the female arm of the church. It consists of all dedicated wonderful women, desiring to do the will of God. Enrollment in this department is automatic for every woman who is a member of the church.  The Women’s Department meets on a regular basis to encourage sisterhood and unity.  This department also hosts an annual Women’s Conference.

Young Adults and Singles

This department is responsible for all young adults and singles activities. The age bracket falls between the ages of 18 (that is in College/ universities or not in high school) to adults.  To ensure that we lose none of our youth to the wiles of society, the department plans activities for its members to keep them active in the church while teaching them Christian values. They always have their Annual weekend that is full of activities.  

Choir/Music Department

This department ministers through songs. The department organizes rehearsal sessions for its members to prepare for the Sunday service.

Prayer Department

This department intercedes for the church and members of the church as well as non-members through prayer. They meet on specific days to pray in agreement for the church.

Ushering Department

This department creates a great hospitality experience for a first-timer to the church or long-time member every time they come /visit the church. They assist in seating members and visitors. The ushering department alongside the protocol department provides care for the Pastor and the visiting or guest Pastor during the service.

They help maintain decorum during the service per the church culture. They watch out for the safety of the congregation and act as the line of first response to medical emergencies. They distribute necessary pamphlets and bulletins to church members. They receive the offering and other pledges for the church.



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